The benefits are endless with this exciting new energy and cost saving innovation.

Flutter Shutter™ has undergone 7 years of crucial product design, concept testing and fully working prototype testing, carried out by Liverpool John Moores University who continue to partner with Flutter Shutter™ as part of their ongoing research and development programme centred around innovative energy solutions.

Flutter Shutter™ has been proven through vigorous testing to save up to 70% of energy/heat loss escaping through windows, coupled with the aesthetically pleasing nature of the product, it’s set to be one of the leading energy measure solutions across the UK.

Flutter Shutter™ is made up of a combination of MDF covered in extruded polypropylene coating and 97% natural wood harvested from managed forests in New Zealand and Australia, which are environmentally friendly and approved for fire safety.

Flutter Shutter™ fits perfectly in all windows including bay windows.

In 2022, statistics show that they’re currently 6.5m family homes in the UK, living in fuel poverty and this is set to rise! If the UK is to reach its carbon Net-Zero target by 2050, this statistic needs to change. Our philanthropic responsibility, as a business, ensures our product will give back to local communities and society as a whole, by reducing fuel poverty.

By helping people to get out of the vulnerable/low-income sector by reducing household bills, Flutter Shutter™ provides greater warmth during the colder seasons.

From a rentability perspective, Flutter Shutter™ is an aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean product that increases the quality of living for tenants and home owners. It also has significant benefits for commercial builds and businesses alike.

Not only does Flutter Shutter™ look the part, but the simple feeling of warmth can have such a positive impact on parents, children and a family’s overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


  • Tackles fuel poverty
  • Saving up to 70% heat loss and energy
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint
  • Positive financial savings
  • Made from recyclable material
  • Eco friendly
  • No need to replace windows thus reducing land fill
  • Less impact on fossil fuels
  • Draught proofed
  • Insulates whilst allowing natural light flow
  • Falls under government funded schemes
  • Aesthetically regenerates
  • Privacy increased
  • Alleviates noise pollution up to 80%
  • Cuts environmental pollution
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple and low tech
  • Energy efficient
  • Save money on your bills
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Tested at Liverpool John Moores Exemplar houses
  • Family owned and run company
  • Operating with the people in mind

Flutter Shutter™ has undergone numerous stages of testing from concept test to a full-scale pilot scheme with a Merseyside based housing association Livv housing group


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