Introducing Flutter Shutter™

Brought to you by Flutter Shutter Ltd™

The only fully tested and certified independent window measure that acts as triple glazing in the winter and significantly reduces overheating in the summer

  • Energy efficient

    Reduces heat loss through windows by up to 70%

  • Environmentally friendly

    We want to help RSL’s, Councils and the commercial industry limit their environmental waste by choosing Flutter Shutter which in turn boasts a strong ethical, green infrastructure

  • Parallel to Triple Glazing

    No need to rip out or replace existing windows, thus resulting in a reduction in landfill

  • Increases EPC rating

    Tested by Liverpool John Moores University and approved by the Building Research Establishment (BRE)

  • Fully UK Patented

    Full UK Patent obtained in accordance with the Patent Act 1977

Where energy efficiency meets high end innovation


Flutter Shutter Ltd™ is proud to introduce our new innovative, energy conscious alternative window replacement to the Social Housing and Commercial Sectors.

This brand new, simple tech and fully UK Patented window feature has all the benefits of triple glazing without actually having to rip out and replace old windows.

We pride ourselves on our environmental awareness and responsibilities, coupled with how the product is specifically tailored for the end user, you will get to see how Flutter Shutter™ aims to tick every box regarding energy efficiency, engineering, social impact, environmental supply chain and a lot more throughout this website.

With the climate crisis in full swing we want to be a huge part of assisting organisations working towards their Net Zero targets. In addition, it is as equally important to protect and support the very real people who are struggling to pay their energy bills due to the fluctuating fuel prices. Making life easier for the occupant is extremely important to us as a company and Flutter Shutter™ is designed predominantly with the end user in mind.


  • “I can confirm that Flutter Shutter™ have consistently sought advice from Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority about the use of recycled materials in their new energy products and services. They have shown an unwavering commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ in terms of putting the environment at the forefront of their business model. I have been hugely impressed with the depth of the research and thinking Flutter Shutter™ are putting into their customer offer. The re-use of recycled materials is problematic. However, in the longer term it is also critical to UK’s economic future if it is to mitigate finite resource price and availability ‘shocks’. At a local level, Flutter Shutter™ are showing the way.”
  • “Flutter Shutter™ have been a valued client of ours and the partnership between them and the university and been excellent. They have come up with a truly innovative idea and it has been a pleasure to help them to move forward each step of the way.  LJMU have recently built 3 houses on their Byrom Street campus and these will act as the perfect testing facility for Flutter Shutter™ to carry out the next stage of their development – prototype testing. Whilst the proof of concept was previously carried out under stable conditions, the houses will provide a ‘real life’ scenario that will inevitably involve variable outside temperature and light.”
  • “As an organisation, we have had a long standing relationship with Flutter Shutter Ltd™. My first interaction with Rechelle and Nadine were at a Low Carbon event where they were speakers. They were both fabulous speakers and quickly engaged the audience with their enthusiasm and passion. As the Faculty head of Operations for Engineering & Technology, I am constantly seeking out female role models that I can engage and work with. Rechelle and Nadine were exactly the people who can help us attract the next generation of female engineers. We are committed to attaining the Athena Swan Award and have spoken to Rechelle and Nadine about events that we will run together over the coming academic year. Rechelle and Nadine have an excellent way of engaging girls as they speak their language and they can instantly relate to them. We look forward to continuing to work with the Flutter Shutter™ in the coming years. Rechelle and Nadine are excellent ambassadors for women in engineering and they should be extremely proud of what they have achieved so far.”
  • “Since having the Flutter Shutter™ fitted we have seen a big difference in the temperatures in our bungalow. Prior to having the Flutter Shutter™ fitted we would have to set the temperature to 24 to make the bungalow comfortable with the Flutter Shutter™ fitted we can now set the temperature to between 20 and 21 for the same comfort. Flutter Shutter™ helps to reduce our electricity bill and also helps to keep out noise and are very modern and make a big difference to the appearance of our bungalow.”
  • “Livv Housing Group is a Registered Social Housing provider based in the Liverpool City Region and have been in operation since 2002. Today, we have almost 13,000 homes for social and affordable rent. We have been working with the team at Flutter Shutter™ since 2019 whilst the product was in its first stage of development. We undertook a product trial across five of our homes in 2021 that resulted in very positive feedback from our customers and provided the essential trial data required to enable the Building Research Establishment to determine the U-value for the product. We have continued to work with the team to enable us to move forward with Flutter Shutter™ to be an approved feature to be selected in moving our homes to achieve our goals in energy improvement. We are now planning the next phase of our programme for achieving EPC C and then on to Net Zero and can confirm that we will be using Flutter Shutter™ as part of that programme to achieve these objectives. We will also continue to work with the team to promote the product wider across the social housing sector nationally, as we feel this can be of real benefit in reducing the impact of fuel poverty on social housing residents at a time when energy costs are unaffordable to many.”