The benefits are endless with Flutter Shutter™. Unlike any other fitted plantation shutter blinds available on the market, we have incorporated insulating and draught-proofing whilst allowing full natural light flow.

Flutter Shutter™ is made up of a combination of MDF covered in extruded polypropylene coating and 97% natural wood harvested from managed forests in New Zealand and Australia, which is environmentally friendly, and approved for fire safety as well as child safety.

We want our customers to save money as well as energy!


  • Energy efficient
  • Heat saving
  • Save money on bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Premium Look
  • Draught proofed
  • High Performance
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Privacy increased
  • Noise pollution reduction of up to 80%
  • Easy to clean
  • Increased comfort
  • A clever solution for listed buildings or conservation areas
  • Shrinking your carbon footprint
  • Minimises risk of condensation
  • A perfect collaboration between energy specialists & shutter experts
  • On the job tidy up & all packaging removed

Plantation Shutter Specialists

Plantation shutters that already exist on the open market only work when the slats/louvres of the shutter are closed, this applies to all shutter/blinds/roller blinds.

Our installation partner is the North West’s plantation shutter specialist with a combined experience of 35 years within the energy and shutter manufacturing industry.

In general, people don’t like to sit in darkness and like to allow natural light through during the day. We decided to create bespoke fitted plantation shutter blinds that insulated and allowed natural light to come through at the same time…whilst being aesthetically pleasing to create more of a market demand.

This means the shutter doors can be closed, with the louvres open…allowing in daylight whilst at the same time keeping the heat in.

Our Fitted Plantation Shutter Blinds

Fully UK Patented Innovation.

We want our customers to save money as well as energy.

Our 97% real wood is harvested from managed forests in New Zealand and Australia.

At Flutter Shutter™, we aim to prevent colour fading and sun damage with our polypropylene coated blinds which include UV lacquer surpassing standards for UV resistance.

Flutter Shutter™ is a clever and forward thinking innovation, which is durable as it is made with a combination of MDF covered in extruded polypropylene coating, as well as being attractive and easy to clean. The louvres just have to be wiped down with a cloth.

Our shutters are high quality, recyclable and can be domestically & commercially used. The transparent thermal polymer acts as an additional energy saver and CO2 reducer.

You also gain improved privacy in your home or office with Flutter Shutter™.

Our dedicated team of 45+ are polite and respectful, fully qualified experts.

Our installation partner has fitted more shutters than anyone else in the North West and has an excellent customer relationship management system.