We have experienced and seen first-hand what fuel poverty can do to an individual’s state of mind and wellbeing. It is important that we help give people a boost and something that looks beautiful in any home and helps RSL’s aesthetically regenerate their communities. We also want to assist RSL’s, Councils and the commercial industries in their quest for Net Zero.

Meet Flutter Shutter™


Company Spokeswoman & Operational Director

Rechelle along with Nadine started the company in 2012. Confidence is key with Rechelle as she is the ‘speaker’ for the company. Her place is normally ‘front of house’. She often presents, communicates & engages with companies, organisations, audiences and individuals alike. Rechelle’s journey began as a Domestic & Commercial Energy Assessor in the early years of Flutter Shutter Ltd™.

This role pertained to carrying out on-site surveys, assessing cavity walls, drilling, climbing into lofts & looking into all aspects of energy efficiency measures within the home or office. Whilst she enjoyed the role and gained lots of hands-on experience. Her goal was to be a part of the change regarding energy, renewables and the ongoing issue of fuel poverty.

Rechelle’s role within Flutter Shutter Ltd bespoke fitted shutters is Creative and Operational Director.


Finance & Operational Director

Nadine co-founded Flutter Shutter Ltd™ in 2012. Her most permanent role within the company is to be ‘the glue’.

Nadine’s BSc Degree in Mathematical & Computer Science means that she initially built the company website from scratch. Her structural and organised mindset keeps Flutter Shutter™ ticking like a well-oiled machine.

Like her sister, Nadine is also a qualified Domestic & Commercial Energy Assessor. She has the same goals and ambitions as Rechelle when it comes to taking all of the knowledge and skills learned out on the field. Nadine applies it in a positive way through energy-efficient innovations.

Her role within the company is Finance & Operational Director. Nadine’s passion is to involve more like-minded women to be a part of the engineering and energy industry.


Creative Director

Rhianne came on board with Flutter Shutter Ltd™ in 2015 and is the youngest of the three Sisters. She brings a new & fresh outlook on products. Rhianne also looks at how things may appeal to our younger generation.

Rhianne is extremely intelligent & creative. She is a straight-A Sixth form student that has embraced her role as Creative Manager of Flutter Shutter Ltd™. Her ability to see new ways through design and product issues has her older sisters blown away and extremely impressed.

Rhianne is from a humble background and has a passion to help and serve others. The family understand what it’s like to struggle and live in a home that is inefficient regarding energy. Rhianne is full steam ahead on wanting to be a part of the movement with her new initiatives and changes in this sector.

Her official role within the company is that of administrative and creative manager.

The Faces Behind Flutter Shutter™

Flutter Shutter Ltd™ is an award-winning female family run energy efficiency company, ran by 3 sisters: Rechelle Davis, Nadine Griffin and Rhianne Griffin. We have been in operation within the energy sector since 2012. Assisting with the energy crisis and helping people save has always been our mission. Initially operating as qualified domestic and commercial energy assessors, we were fortunate enough to grow the business under the Green Deal (as a GDAO) and have since evolved by designing and producing a brand new fully patented invention called Flutter Shutter™. Throughout the past 11 years we have held firm and always believed that what we were creating would be for the greater good of the people we serve within communities in Liverpool, the extended Northwest and beyond. We are extremely proud to now be able to offer Flutter Shutter™ as an officially recognised energy saving measure on a national scale.