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Learn about our Energy Efficient Blinds Liverpool

If you are searching for Energy Efficient Blinds Liverpool, Flutter Shutter™ is the place to get your new blinds!

Our energy-efficient blinds are unlike any other window feature on the current market today!

This latest Flutter Shutter™ blog will explain all about our thermal plantation shutter blind.

Energy Efficient Blinds Liverpool

Through vigorous testing, Flutter Shutter™ has proven to save up to 70% of energy/heat loss escaping through windows.

The aesthetically pleasing nature of the product means it is set to be one of the leading energy measure solutions across the UK.

The Manufactures

We are proud to be working with the world’s most reputable Shutter manufacturer.

Check out some of the Energy Efficient Blinds Liverpool features below!

Made to Measure

Flutter Shutter™ ensure the Energy Efficient Blinds Liverpool fit your window accurately.

Elegant Look

We want to ensure your home has a stylish look to it. Our bespoke thermal plantation shutter blind can function around any design or need.

Street View

Flutter Shutter™ shutters are aesthetically pleasing in the home and from outside the property.

Our shutters raise the value of your home, and they will enhance the look of the house from the outside.

Adjust light and shade

Our manufacturers have ensured you have complete control over how much light and shade you let into your home.

With our shutters, you can ensure the UV rays do not affect your furniture.


When designing, sourcing and manufacturing the shutters, it is ensured it is from wood-sourced forests that are managed carefully.

Harmful chemicals are not used to strengthen the shutters, and the cardboard is recycled to help reduce its carbon footprint.

Where are our materials from?

Flutter Shutter™ Antigua Shutter Blinds are made to help aid solar shading. Solar shading helps keep heat inside during cooler times of the year.

During summer, solar shading filters the warmer weather, thus helping the home stay cooler.

Flutter Shutter™ Energy Efficient Blind Liverpool aids to help the cost of living and save on electrical costs.

Our shutters efficiently filter the natural light, so you can hold off on using the light switch for a little longer.

Contact Us

At Flutter Shutter™, we provide our customers with a 5+ year manufacturing guarantee; (subject to terms and conditions).

This is to give you peace of mind and ensure we fix any changes that may happen during this period.

This new forward-thinking innovation cuts out the need for extracting and replacing old, existing windows, thus preventing waste and upheaval for the tenant or owner.

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