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How Energy Efficient Blinds can help save money on rising energy bills

Finding eco-solutions can be complex, but Energy Efficient Blinds could be the solution to your energy problems.

At Flutter Shutter™, we understand the worries of the ongoing energy crisis.

According to a new report by The Guardian, the cost of living is rising sharply, and the rise shows no signs of stopping, with a predicted 30% increase in energy bills within the year.

Cost Effective Energy Efficient Blinds

Draughts are one of the primary sources of energy issues within a household. Cold air can enter the home through unwanted gaps.

Energy Efficient Blinds solve this issue and mean you use less energy to keep each room at an average temperature.

Our shutters are designed to retain the temperature of your home better than curtains, saving money on your energy bills.

Flutter Shutter™ has been proven through vigorous testing to save up to 54% of energy/heat loss escaping through windows. Coupled with the aesthetically pleasing nature of the product, it’s set to be one of the leading energy measure solutions across the UK.

This testing is carried out by Liverpool John Moores University, which continues to partner with Flutter Shutter™ as part of their ongoing research and development programme centred on innovative eco-solutions.

UK Energy Crisis – Heating or Eating

There are currently 19 million family homes in the UK living in fuel poverty if the UK reaches its carbon Net-Zero target by 2050.

The current price increases will have a significant impact on current households. The issue for those who have to pay their bills is choosing between heating and eating.

Lack of financial support will mean millions will sink further into debt, with many turning off heating and putting themselves at risk of health injuries that could affect the NHS.

Our philanthropic responsibility as a business ensures our product will give back to local communities and society by reducing fuel poverty.

By helping people to get out of the vulnerable/low-income sector by reducing household bills, Flutter Shutter™ provides greater warmth during the colder seasons.

Flutter Shutter™ is made up of recyclable ABS and plastic, which are environmentally friendly and approved for fire safety.

Our Social Landlords

Our creative and effective solution of Flutter Shutter™ was deliberated from working closely with Housing Associations, Councils and Registered Social Landlords to save energy and heat for their tenants and, therefore, money and the environment.

Flutter Shutter Ltd has launched an exciting full-scale pilot scheme in conjunction with LIVV Housing Group that provides a Flutter Shutter™ to all but one window in a selection of homes throughout the Knowsley Borough.

This trial will highlight the difference Flutter Shutter™ makes in a real-life environment. The scheme will ultimately help calculate the cost of savings, improving quality of life whilst combatting the ‘heating or eating’ dilemma currently faced in our society.

To learn more about our social landlords, click here.

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