How do Flutter Shutter™ Energy Efficient Blinds work?

Are you searching for the perfect energy efficient blinds? Flutter Shutter™ has you covered!

We know the current cost of living crisis is affecting a large majority of homeowners across the UK with no signs of reprieve.

At Flutter Shutter™, we are committed to solving and saving your energy bills with our energy efficient blinds!

In this latest blog, we will take you through how our energy efficient blinds work, the benefits and how you can save energy with us today!

What are Flutter Shutter™ Energy Efficient Blinds?

You may be asking what the main features of our energy saving blinds are. We have the answers for you below!

Flutter Shutter™ is made of a combination of MDF covered in extruded polypropylene coating and 97% natural wood.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke shutters, and we are the only thermal window feature on the market today that insulates whilst still allowing natural light!

Whilst the shutters are open, natural light will shine into your home, removing the need to use the lights.

Our shutters are fully draught-proof and built with technology that imitates triple-glazing, making your home warm and safe!

What are the Benefits of Energy Efficient Blinds?


We want our customers to save money and energy with the world’s most technologically advanced green-energy shutter!

Our shutters are high quality, recyclable and can be commercially used. The transparent thermal polymer acts as an additional energy saver and CO2 reducer.


Flutter Shutter™ eco-friendly blinds in Liverpool are installed with insulation, allowing natural light to pass through while maintaining their aesthetically pleasing design.

This means the shutter doors can be closed, with the louvres open, allowing daylight to keep the heat in.

Other benefits to note are:

  • Noise pollution reduction of up to 80%
  • Increased comfort
  • A perfect collaboration between energy specialists & shutter experts
  • Minimises risk of condensation
  • Comes with manufacturing guarantee as standard for your peace of mind

How do I know if I need new energy efficient blinds?

Energy Efficient Blinds are essential to any home; they can last long if taken care of properly. However, there comes a time when every blind will need to be replaced. Here are a few ways to know if it is time for new window blinds:

  • The blinds are faded or have a lot of wear and tear.
  • The blinds are no longer keeping the room dark or cool.

The Flutter Shutter™ Journey

Through recent years, Flutter Shutter™ has undergone various stages of testing and validation for our bespoke shutters in Liverpool to further its efficacy and growth.

It is absolutely paramount to ensure our bespoke shutters do everything it claims to do.

With a proven efficiency of 70% energy/heat loss reduction, Flutter Shutter™ is going from strength to strength.

Working alongside Liverpool John Moores University means that research and development are always in motion, and the product will constantly be reviewed and scrutinised.

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