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Flutter Shutter™ – Working with British Gas & Ofgem for social housing accessibility

Flutter Shutter™ are pleased to announce that we are currently working with Ofgem and British Gas to pool our resources in an effort to make our energy-efficient shutter blind more accessible to social housing tenants across the UK.

British Gas has been our long-term supporter and partner right from our inception, inviting us to be part of Centrica’s Energy for Tomorrow programme.

Collaborating alongside each other to achieve our common goals is a great privilege for Flutter Shutter™ and something we are incredibly proud of!

Working with Ofgem and British Gas has spread the word about Flutter Shutter far and wide across the UK.

We’re extremely proud and grateful for the exposure thus far.

Rechelle Davis, Flutter Shutter™ Spokeswoman & Operational Director

Rechelle, Nadine and Rhianne were recently interviewed by British Gas, which you can read here.

Ofgem is the UK’s energy regulator whose role and responsibility is to work alongside energy corporations and providers.

Their goal is to provide and, ultimately, deliver a greener, competitively-priced energy system for consumers across Great Britain.

A primary subsidiary of Ofgem is administering renewable energy and social schemes for consumers.

Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, Flutter Shutter™ can play a significant part in combating the energy and social housing crisis!

Flutter Shutter™ Ltd are an award-winning female family-run energy efficiency company run by three sisters, Rechelle, Nadine and Rhianne.

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