Flutter Shutter™– We’re now PAS & TrustMark Approved!

We are pleased to announce that Flutter Shutter™ energy efficient blinds are now PAS (2030) and TrustMark approved after successfully passing our audit.

The PAS and TrustMark audits are what we need to ensure we can install on a large scale throughout the UK. 

Because our target market is RSLs and our product is energy efficient blinds, we must follow a thorough and carefully drawn-out plan.

This ensures we’re carrying out our role from start to finish to the very best standards set by PAS and TrustMark. 

Our PAS audit was carried out on a three-bed semi-detached property in L14, Liverpool; the property is owned by Registered Social Landlord, LIVV Housing Group

Accredited by the British Assessment Bureau, the installation of Flutter Shutter™ energy efficient blinds took one working day and was a terrific success!

Now that we have passed our PAS Audit, we are fully equipped with all the legal statuses required, allowing us to install across the UK. 

Rechelle Davis, Company Spokeswoman & Operational Director, said:

We were extremely nervous when the audit came around as it has been years of hard work all coming to this point; so every little detail needed to be analysed and scrutinised. 

Thankfully we passed! It’s all systems go from here on in!

As Rechelle says, this day is the result of years of hard work, so we really couldn’t be prouder to be officially PAS and TrustMark approved!

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Flutter Shutter™ Ltd are an award-winning female family-run energy efficiency company run by three sisters, Rechelle, Nadine and Rhianne.

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