Flutter Shutter™ | Patent Registered!

Flutter Shutter™ – Patent Registered!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Flutter Shutter™ has officially been granted our patent and is now patent registered (as of 25th January 2023).

You can view the online patent information here, as well as view a PDF version of our UK patent here.

The patent has been granted under the Patents Act 1977 for the purposes of sections 1-23 of the Act.

Having Flutter Shutter™ officially patent-registered protects our innovative energy-saving solution from any plagiaristic activities.

Rechelle Davis, Company Spokeswoman & Operational Director, added:

The patent shows commitment, dedication and faith in the product, as it’s a very lengthy and costly process that takes years to complete.

It also protects us and means that no other provider in the UK can install the measure and that we are the leading and only provider and installer of the Flutter Shutter™ innovation!

Rechelle Davis, Flutter Shutter™ Company Spokeswoman & Operational Director

In an already incredible start to the year for Flutter Shutter™, achieving patent status has rounded off January in some style!

Flutter Shutter™ Ltd are an award-winning female family-run energy efficiency company run by three sisters, Rechelle, Nadine and Rhianne.

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