Sara Rioux – Faculty head of Operations Engineering & Technology

“As an organisation, we have had a long standing relationship with Flutter Shutter Ltd™. My first interaction with Rechelle and Nadine were at a Low Carbon event where they were speakers. They were both fabulous speakers and quickly engaged the audience with their enthusiasm and passion. As the Faculty head of Operations for Engineering & Technology, I am constantly seeking out female role models that I can engage and work with. Rechelle and Nadine were exactly the people who can help us attract the next generation of female engineers. We are committed to attaining the Athena Swan Award and have spoken to Rechelle and Nadine about events that we will run together over the coming academic year. Rechelle and Nadine have an excellent way of engaging girls as they speak their language and they can instantly relate to them. We look forward to continuing to work with the Flutter Shutter™ in the coming years. Rechelle and Nadine are excellent ambassadors for women in engineering and they should be extremely proud of what they have achieved so far.”