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Blinds for Universities Tested by Liverpool John Moores

Blinds for universities aren’t something at the forefront of university campus managers’ minds, but they should be.

Universities are hubs of innovation and learning.

However, with a growing emphasis on energy conservation and sustainable practices, it’s becoming increasingly important for academic institutions to lead by example in building efficiency.

Blinds are a universal feature in university buildings, yet their role in energy conservation is often understated.

Enter the innovative approach of Flutter Shutter blinds tested by Liverpool John Moores University.

Analysing the Impact of Shutter Blinds on Energy Consumption

The partnership between Liverpool John Moores University and Flutter Shutter™ is more than just a case study; it’s a live experiment that could redefine how we perceive the role of shutter blinds in controlling indoor climate and, consequently, reducing energy consumption.

The project tested by the university’s facilities management and sustainability team highlights a growing trend within the education sector to adopt and test new technologies that promise significant environmental and financial benefits.

Through rigorous testing and data analysis, this innovative approach demonstrated just how much energy and cost an institution can save by rethinking its window treatments.

Early results and projections are optimistic. They show a promising reduction in indoor temperature fluctuation, a critical factor in stabilising energy usage throughout the year.

In a statement, Paul Dickson, the Project Manager at Liverpool John Moores, said the university’s commitment to providing a ‘real-world’ scenario underscores the seriousness of its approach to this innovative energy-saving solution.

From Concept to Real-World Application

The testing with Liverpool John Moores began in the conceptualisation phase and has now progressed to real-world application.

This hands-on and detailed approach ensures a smooth transition from the lab to the market.

In practice, these tests at the university created a rich environment of variable conditions, ranging from the environmental to the pedagogical, to analyse the blinds’ performance comprehensively.

This commitment to real-world application is a testament to both the university’s and Flutter Shutter’s dedication to practical and impactful innovation.

The proverbial ‘ivory towers’ of academia have rarely been known for seamlessly integrating innovation into day-to-day practices, and this collaboration seeks to dismantle precisely that stereotype.

Not Just Shutter Blinds for Universities

While the testing was carried out at LJMU our shutter blinds are for reaching far.

Every modern space housing a sizable population can benefit from the energy efficiency and comfort improvement these innovative blinds promise.

From office buildings to residential complexes to social housing groups that we are already working with!

The potential impact on reducing the carbon footprint of university operations and influencing the next generation of sustainability-minded professionals is indeed profound.

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